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Minden Shop Small is Organized by the Minden Downtown Business Association

Minden DBA is an association of small business owners who work together to support one another.

Our mission is to support brick & mortar small business owners as they live and work in our community of Minden, Lousiana.

Minden's Downtown Business Association has a long history of working together planning events. In fact, you can find records of an event much like Shop Small in the November 1986 publication of Minden Press-Herald.


Cultural Arts District Designation 

As stated by the state of Louisiana “A work of art is tax exempt (from parish taxes) if it is sold from an established location within a cultural district and it is: a. original; b. one-of-kind, except as further defined in Paragraph 2 below; c. visual art; d. conceived and made by hand of the artist or under his direction; and e. not intended for mass production. 2. Examples of eligible media and products include: a. visual arts and crafts, including but not limited to drawing, painting, sculpture, clay, ceramics, fiber, glass, leather, metal, paper, wood, or mixed media, installation art, light sculpture, digital sculpture, and wearable art; and b. limited, numbered editions (up to 100) of lithographs, photography, silk screen, intaglios, etchings, and graphic design. 3. Examples of ineligible media and products include: a. performing art; b. food products; c. live plants, such as bonsai trees, floral arrangements, wreaths, and garland; d. music recordings; and e. reproductions.” Items that do not fall under the parish tax exemption may be sold with approval and acceptance by selection committee.  

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